Speakers And Lecture Titles


  • Gaetano Assanto, Università di Roma 3, Italia,
    “Reorientational solitons: from playground to photonic platform”
  • Sergey Babin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
    “Multicolor dissipative solitons: formation and nonlinear interaction”
  • Stephane Barland, CNRS, France
    “Regenerative memory in neuromorphic photonic resonaotors”
  • Alain Barthelemy, University of Limoges, France,
    “Laser beam combining”
  • Hui Cao, Yale University, USA,
    “Complex Lasers”
  • Boris N. Chichkov, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany,
    “Nonlinear photonic technologies: 2D and 3D laser printing”
  • Claudio Conti, Università La Sapienza, Roma, Italy,
    “Complex photonics: towards quantum technologies and bio-medicine”
  • Costantino De Angelis, Università di Brescia, Italy
    “Second Harmonic Generation in AlGaAs Monolithic Nanoantennas
  • Nikos Efremidis, University of Crete, Greece,
    “Curved and accelerating beams: theory and applications”
  • Ingo Fischer, UlB-CSIC,Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain,
    “Information processing in telecommunication systems”
  • Alexander Gaeta, Columbia University, USA
    “Nonlinear Photonics in Microresonators”
  • Ekaterina Golovchenko, IPG Photonics, USA,
    “Photonics and IoT revolution”
  • Tobias Kippenberg, EPFL, Switzerland
    “Dissipative temporal solitons on optical microresonators”
  • Guy Millot, University of Bourgogne, France,
    “Spatiotemporal instabilities in multimode fibers”
  • Gian-Luca Oppo, Strathclyde University, Scotland,
    “Laser hydrodynamics: vortices, turbulence and rogue waves”
  • Lorenzo Pavesi, Università di Trento, Italy,
    “Optical microcavities: they could be simple, they could be complex”
  • Eugene Podivilov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
    “Turbulence of light in fiber laser”
  • Edik Rafailov, Aston University, UK
    “Compact Quantum Dot based broadly tuned and ultrafast lasers sources”
  • Philip Russell, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany
    “Complex nonlinear optical effects in microstructured fibers”
  • Andrey Sukhorukov, Australian National University, Australia
    “From classical to quantum frequency conversion in complex nonlinear structures”
  • Alessandro Tonello, University of Limoges, France
    “Spatial and spectral shaping of multicolour light in nonlinear multimode fibers”
  • Stefano Trillo, Università di Ferrara, Italy,
    “Shock-driven dynamics: analogies between optics and hydrodynamics”
  • Rachel Wong, Nature Photonics, UK
    “A lecture for young researchers”